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Web Hosting

View Nepal Web Hosting P. ltd. provides high quality and cheapest web hosting in nepal. Our affordable hosting plan makes viewnepal.com.np the best place to host your small business website, e-commerce web site, corporate web site or personal web site in Nepal.

View Nepal Web Hosting - We're continually growing in response to the actual demand for web sites, and you'll notice we can help you more than any other web hosting company in Nepal. We offer our services that will compliment our web hosting, including domain name registration, design, programming, marketing, and other related services. All of these web hosting services in Nepal comes with the same friendly world class technical support that has made our web hosting company flourish. We aim to offer one-stop solution for someone that has or need a web site.View our top web hosting solutions. Want us to do it all for you? Explore our web design and hosting bundles.


Small Web Hosting Plans - These plans are suitable for small business houses.
100MB           NRs. 3000 / Year
500MB           NRs. 5000 / Year
1GB             NRs. 7000 / Year
Limit Bandwidth and Limit Space with Single domain host.
Unlimited Web Space Hosting
NRs. 21,000 / Year
For the reseller plans and dedicated server plans, kindly ask for the quotation at account@viewnepal.net
  • All our web hosting plans provide unlimited web space 
  • All our web hosting plans provide you unlimited bandwidth We host web sites in the US based dedicated servers. 
  • We offer unlimited e-mail accounts. 
  • We offer complete control over website with own cpanel and ftp accounts. 
  • Support PHP, MySQL, Shared based SSL and many more.