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What You Need to Build a Website?

1) Domain Name

The domain name creates the address of your site.  So, mywebsite.com,.net,.org would be an example of a domain name. 

Domain names are paid for yearly and for resgister your domain please contact us or mail to info@viewnepal.com.np

 2) Web Host

A website cannot exist without a web host.  This is the company that houses your files and provides the environment for you to create and save pages to the Internet.

Web hosts are usually paid for yearly. 




What is difference between a “Static” and “Dynamic”website?

 A static site is one that is written in HTML only. Each page is a separate document and there is no database that it draws on. What this means functionally is that the only way to edit the site is to go into each page and edit the HTML - so you'd either have to do it yourself using a webpage editor  or pay us to go in and edit the site each time you wanted something changed.


A dynamic site is written using more complex code and can do a lot more. where you can log in and change various parts of the site, such as adding information or products. This is because each page is constructed based on the information in a database, and the information in that database can be changed via another interface.They cost more to develop, as they require more complex coding and a content management utility needs to be developed to help you manage your website information.