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E-Commerce Solution
Website is the characteristic E commerce website that sells IT and household products on the web. It consists of two configurations Admin and Shop. Admin shows different operators to mange the shop and shop shows the products details to the clients and provides ways to buy the products. It is supported by a product catalog in the form of a database located in the server. Its characteristic features will be.
1:  Customers’ home
2:  Product Catalogs
3:  Add to Cart
4:  Check Out
5:  Decide to Buy
6:  Shipping to Customers
7:  Email to customers
8:  Proceed
9:  Credit Card Info
10:Shipping Details
11:Choose Shipping Methods
13:Product Details
Website is database driven Content Management System (CMS) with easy to use interface (WYSIWYG), unlimited pages and content editing ability. An ‘Administration Tool’ will be included to allow anyone at shopping cart (with correct login and password) to add/edit/delete web content without any coding. One single shopping cart system database will be used
Project description 
  Users go to the website.
  They browse the products by categories and sub categories. 
  In Quick search when they type the keyword all the product name matching the keyword will be displayed in the search result page.
  Advanced search is based on date of construction, product details and technical parameters of the products.
 Admin can post the product in the various categories. Admin can enter pictures and product description from html editor.
 There will be special products which will be displayed in the home page as well.
 There will be newsletter subscription section in the home page of the website where the user can subscribe to the news of the website.
  In the home page, the most recently added product will be displayed in the middle of the web site.
  For each product being displayed in the home page or in the category page, User can add the product or can view the detail of the products.
  In the product detail page, he can view the detail of the product and from that page he can add the product to the shopping cart.
  In shopping cart, the user can update the quantity of the product or can delete the product from the cart as well.
  After finishing the shopping, the user can checkout from the system.
  In the checkout process the user will be asked to login the website, If the user is first time user then the user will be asked to register to the website and once  registered he’ll be logged in to the website.
  If the user is not first time user and already registered then he can log in to our website and asked to change the shipping address if the user wants to change it
  After continuing from that page, he’ll be shown the total order detail and will be asked to choose the payment option.
  Payment is done by paypal system in our website.
  Once the order is placed, email will be sent to the admin and customer stating that the order is placed and is in processing.
 A user can track his order stating that whether that order is confirmed or is in processing. He can login and check the status of the order.
  When the order is confirmed it means payment is received for that order then the order is made conferment through the admin and then email will be sent     to the  customer automatically with the details that order is confirmed and the products will be shipped as soon as possible
 Then the product will be shipped to the customer.
  There will be shown upcoming event to the home page of the website. User can view the detail of the event from there.
Added user interactions:
Email Alerts.
 - Links to the detail page on the manufacturer website.
 - Product Information/Product of the day/Best sellers.
Site Resources
 - Special Offers/Discounts.
 Included functionality.
 Easy Update and Control of Site.
 Products can be related to one or other related products/Shows related products.
 Contact Us/About Us.
 User Feedback.
 Search Engine Ready Pages.
 Administration Secure Login system – Common restricted area for all users (not individual private user areas).
 Mozilla/Firefox/IE Browsers; Windows Friendly.
 Easily manage products on the web.
 Showcase of products with a click of button.
 Add unlimited text to your product.
 Image upload and Management.
 Allows individual Users to log in.
 User Tracking System.
 Unlimited number of product categories, product types and products.
 Links to manufacturer website and similar products are also shown.
 Images for product attributes/options.
 Searchable product management system.
 Featured, New, Call for Price, or Bestselling Products.
 Several Choices of Product Picture Sizes.
  Products can be in multiple categories by linking or duplication.
  Product Specials, On-sale, Out-of-stock, Volume Discount.
 Product Type feature allows for customization of information fields and display format.
 Product Reviews, warranty of products on the Product Page.
 Products are classified into groups according to the sizes of products.
 Organize your products and services into logical categories, making it easy for your customers to search and buy from your online store.
 Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, and products update descriptions, prices, pictures, and other information as required.
 Category descriptions displayed upon category selection.
 Categories are placed in hierarchy and specify the relationship of comparability.
-> The Setup Inventory section of your cart is where you will create categories, items and edit those categories and items.Here we change the price, picture, product title, quantity, show, save or hide options and categories.
  Secure Online Ordering and Checkout.
  Allow customers to easily re-order from previous orders.
  Managing Your Store
  Manage Order Fulfillment by the admin.  Email notifications.
  Adjust orders.
  WYSWYG easy product entry, easy image upload.
  Content Managed Pages.
Shopping Cart
  Easy Integration into Existing Web Site
  2Product Searches
  Printable Order Forms for mail-in.
  Calculation of shipping, VAT and taxes on checkout.
  Automatic product availability updates by CSV files.
  Customer Account Manager - to change passwords, address, shipping, billing info, view past orders, create accounts during checkout  Featured, bestselling, new items File Manager.
  Report Generation and Management.
  Report of visitors.
  Profit/Margin Report.
  Report of daily orders and products purchased.
  Sales Report.
  Calculate shipping automatically at time of order, based on weight and postal code for domestic or international postal or courier delivery.