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Domain Registration (Top level domain .com, .net, .org and .NP)

The domain name is the piece of a URL that is the property of the website owner. Domain names are typically preceded by 'www.', which identifies the server , the site is stored on and end with '.com' or '.edu' or another extension that represents the type of website (.com,.net,.org, etc.). Also, Domain name is the main part of the address of a Website. This must be purchased and can be used by you if you own it or rent it. It highlights the organization type and the mission.

View Nepal Web Hosting P.Ltd. helps to get your desired domain name registration and management panel at very cheap price in comparison to other domain registration companies .At present we are associated with these domain name registrations: .com, .org, .net, .biz , .infodomains.

Domain Registration NRs. 1,000 / Year

Web Hosting
View Nepal Web Hosting P. ltd. provides high quality and cheapest web hosting in nepal. Our affordable hosting plan makes viewnepal.com.np the best place to host your small business website, e-commerce web site, corporate web site or personal web site in Nepal.

View Nepal Web Hosting - We're continually growing in response to the actual demand for web sites, and you'll notice we can help you more than any other web hosting company in Nepal. We offer our services that will compliment our web hosting, including domain name registration, design, programming, marketing, and other related services. All of these web hosting services in Nepal comes with the same friendly world class technical support that has made our web hosting company flourish. We aim to offer one-stop solution for someone that has or need a web site.

Our Advance Web Hosting Plans provide you Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. We host your web site in the US based dedicated server. Also, open an unlimited email accounts. You have your own Cpanel with own ftp account. It supports Php, MySQL, Shared based SSL etc.

Small Web Hosting Plans

100MB        NRs. 3000 / Year
500MB        NRs. 5000 / Year
10GB          NRs. 7000 / Year
Limit Bandwidth and Limit Space with Single domain host.

Unlimited Domain Hosting Cost
NRs. 20,000 / Year

Website Design

View Nepal offers web designing services for corporate and small business clients. We have vast experience in different web designing technology areas including basic HTML, XHTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, CSS, etc.
Whether it is your business website, government website or a simple blog, it should be developed in such a ways that it becomes easy and exciting to access.

Different statistics of web visit and performance enhancing can greatly support to increase the effectiveness of your website. We design high quality dynamic and static websites and e-commerce websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is a process that helps to promote your website in the search engine to influence new visitors and maximize the business transaction. It’s an online marketing tool that drives traffic to your website.
Search engine optimisation is essential for moving YOUR company from the back of the bus, up to the front of the line. We at View Nepal go to great lengths to ensure that all the sites we develop are search engine friendly. View Nepal possesses extensive experience in providing search engine optimisation to both existing websites and new sites being built.

Independent research has shown the importance of good search engine and directory rankings in getting your site recognised on the Internet. Indeed,